Hello Friends!!
Happy Thankful Thursday 🙂 .
I challenge you to stop for a second and breath 3 long and deep breaths to ground yourself and become present in this moment.  
Reflect on your week.  What are you thankful for?

I heard a definition of “Righteousness” this week that really resonated with me.  I am thankful for this definition, “Righteousness- Being enticed to do evil and not going there.”  The reason I love this definition is because it speaks to the fact that the “being enticed” part isn’t in itself wrong.  I believe so many people beat themselves up for having thoughts that aren’t pure or thoughts that could be considered dark.  Because we are human, with normal lower brains, sent here to have experiences with opposition, none of us are immune from these kinds of thoughts.  We are here in mortality to see how we will use our free agency and “bad” thoughts are all part of the process.  It’s what we do with those “evil” thoughts that determines our righteousness.
One of Satan’s diabolical snares is to interject these thoughts into our minds, so subtly that we perceive them as our own. Satan then proceeds to berate us for having thought the thought, and we end up beating ourselves us for his handiwork.  He plants the thought and then gets us to attack ourselves, believing that we are the source of the thoughts.  LIES!!  

Every single person on this planet has thoughts pushed into their minds from different sources.  The entertainment and experiences we choose into definitely influence our thoughts.  It is smart to be vigilant about the things we put into our minds.  However, just because a thought pops into our head, doesn’t mean we need to give it any power over us.  I like to think of thoughts like cars driving by.  I don’t have to jump in the car and take a ride just because it shows up.  I can let it just drive by.  If the car parks right in front of me, demanding my attention, I can simply walk away and focus on a different mode of transportation.  

“Being enticed to do evil” is part of the plan, no one is exempt. If you have issues with negative satan-talk (last weeks thankful Thursday), evil thoughts, bad thoughts… congratulations, you are a human! You can always pray for help against the attack upon your mind.  “Not going there”, or going there and realizing the consequences, then choosing differently next time is all part of the journey.  We are building moral fortitude and strengthening our character with every evil enticement we reject.  The ability to say ‘No”, to walk away, to shift our focus, to recognize the adversary and dismiss the enticement is all part of living with a mind firmly aligned. 
I am thankful for an expanded understanding of righteousness this week.  What are you grateful to be learning about? 
Tear it up out there!!

With love, 
Candice Noss

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