Ripple Starter

I had the fortunate opportunity to interact with an incredibly successful business woman this week, who, through some beautiful conversations, has become a friend for life. 🙂 She gave me some advice that truly hit home, right to my core. She said, “Use the power of business for GOOD.” I am so thankful, this Thursday, for women who empower other women and for the power incumbent in business to spread good.
If you receive this newsletter, please know how grateful I am to have met you through my business, the Mind, Body, Spirit Trifecta. I hope that through this business, I have spread goodness to you. It is my prayer that our interactions have created, and will continue to create a ripple effect where, because of our connection, you are now inspired to share and spread more goodness. This “power of business” gives me a platform to spread good to this world that is desperate for light and truth. It is my desire to use the power of business to spread good by being a ripple-starter for empowering women.
Do you need more goodness in your life? Do you know anyone that could use a boost, who is ready to get out of their rut? Send them my way!! My Body Love Program and Conquering Confidence Course are transformational, helping women step into who they really are and  step up to their missions in this world. Reach out to me!! Schedule me to speak to your organization. Join me this summer on July 30-31st for a women’s adventure retreat, “Together we RISE”. What a blessing it is to empower women and to be empowered by other women. I LOVE it!!
I truly appreciate the chance I get, every single day, to help women live with a mind firmly controlled, a body purposefully loved and a spirit powerfully accessed. We only get one life to live. May we use this “mortality motivation” for inspiration to magnify our opportunities and live our purpose. I am so thankful for the power of business to spread good!!
Let’s band together and continue spreading GOOD!! What are ways you use the power of business for good? Are there things you could share on social media, nuggets of inspiration you could pass on, businesses you could support, ways to uniquely use your gifts and talents for GOOD?

What a blessing it is to live in this time!

Thankfully and genuinely yours,
Candice Noss