Self-Belief: The Thermostat of Our Life

Dear Friends,

I’m thankful this Thursday for beautiful insights about Self-Belief- the thermostat of our life.

Dr. Jason Salk’s, in his book, “Relentless Solution Focus”, provides a powerful object lesson which highlights just how vital our self-belief truly is. Self belief, self-image or self-confidence is like the temperature regulation system in our homes. Our self-belief is the thermostat which is set at a certain temperature, the results we are experiencing in our lives are the current temperature of the room, and the motivation and effort we are exerting is the heat that kicks on or off according to the thermostat. If the thermostat is set high and the actual temperature of the room is cold, the thermostat kicks the heat on to bring the temperature of the room up to the set point on the thermostat.  Conversely, if the thermostat is set low and the actual temperature of the room is higher, the thermostat turns off the heat and might even kick on the AC in order to synch the temperature to the set-point on the thermostat.  

Our human mind works the same way.  It is wired to bring about results that jive with our self-image. If our self-confidence (thermostat) is set high but the results we are experiencing (temperature of the room) are low, this self-belief inspires the necessary motivation and effort (heat) to kick on in order to bring up our results (temperature of the room).  If our self-image (thermostat) is set low, and we experience a high level of results (temperature of the room), our effort and motivation (heat) kicks off and we might even self-sabotage (AC) as we fall for imposter syndrome or are simply too uncomfortable with success.  

I’ve seen this play out over and over in my own life, and in the lives of those I am close to.  The results in our life are absolutely dependent on our self-image. If our self-belief is high, we are motivated to put in the effort to achieve our expected results.  This self-confidence acts as a strong, subconscious force that drives our results higher and higher toward what we believe about ourselves. When we aren’t achieving the results we believe we are capable of, a stable and high set point of self-confidence allows us to maintain the grit necessary to establish processes and strategies for as long as it takes in order for the results to come.  The set point of our self-image, determines our success.  

Salk states, “Self-confidence is the #1 variable for all human performance.”  Our self-belief either makes or breaks us!

How is your self-image? What do we do to make sure our self-belief is set high? What are you doing to nurture and grow your belief in yourself? How can you elevate the set-point of your self-confidence? What are some ways you’ve found to effectively build confidence?  What results do you see yourself experiencing in the future? Is your self-belief driving your motivation and effort to kick on, propelling you towards your goals and dreams?  Are there areas in your life where your self-belief is actually keeping you stuck or dragging you down?

The way we talk to ourselves about ourselves, our inner dialogue, is key to self-belief.  Focusing on our successes is vital!  Continually asking, “What did I do well?” as well as “What do I want to do to improve?” is important.  As we maintain an attitude of gratitude for what we have or what we have done well, while working for what we want, supports and builds self-belief.

I’m grateful for this analogy which explains so clearly how critical it is to raise our self-belief.


I believe in you!!

With love,


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