Good Morning Friends,

What are you thankful for on this sunny, summery Thursday?

I am currently attending a conference put on by one of my hero’s, Jody Moore.  I am so thankful to be surrounded by such powerhouse women who, like me, are passionate about creating the life of our dreams and living into our highest self.  Today, at this conference, I heard a statement that rang true and triggered some cascading thoughts for me.  McCall Jones said, 

“We don’t evolve, we shed.”  

One truth, I feel in my deep in my heart, is that we have a divine spirit located at our very core.  However, there are layers upon layers of false masks and walls which cover up this pure soul.  Insecurities, guilt, expectations, victim mentality, shame, defensiveness, trauma, weaknesses, false beliefs, people pleasing, judgments, pride, failures, comparisonitis, fear, mistakes, loneliness, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, confusion, pain, disappointment… like an onion these layers build ontop of eachother resulting in the false self we portray to the world.

Our highest self, our true self, or our most divine self is who we uncover and discover as we “shed” these layers of our false self.   I use a framework in my business which I call, “The Trifecta Transformation System”– it is the process we go through to “shed” another layer. 

Whenever we are ready to uplevel in our Mind, Body, or Spirit, we follow these steps:

  1. Gain Knowledge/Increase Awareness
  2. Accept and Process emotion with compassion
  3. Set a new intention/make a plan
  4. Take massive action
  5. Analyze what happens

Each time we level up on this spiral, we peel off a layer of the onion, or shed a layer of our false self.  It is a beautiful, refining process that requires we are striving to live with a mind firmly aligned, a body purposefully loved and a spirit powerfully accessed.  

We are all on our own journey of shedding our false self and becoming more of our true self.  As we let go of these walls and masks, not only do we get closer to our most divine self, but ultimately, we become more and more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

I am passionate about taking people through this “shedding” process- it absolutely lights me up!! 

I am so deeply grateful for the knowledge and gifts I have, and continue to develop in order to help others “Shed”.  Other words I have for “shed” are: heal, enlighten, liberate, empower, inspire and transform.  This is my mission.  Through Christ, I am able to facilitate this process and there is no better work!!  I love it and I love you for being with me on this journey.  Reach out if you are ready to shed, and you’d like some help.



Rooting for you always,

Candice Noss

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