“Short Quits”

Good Morning Friends!!

As the holiday season in upon us, and there is a tendency to feel overwhelmed with “all the things”… decorations, cards, traditions, end of year events, elf on the shelf, service opportunities, gifts for: family, friends, teachers, neighbors,… all of this on top of the regular grind of work, school, sports, and extra-curriculars… I am so grateful for a concept I came across this week from Jody Moore.  When things get “hard” and it all feels overwhelming, when you feel tired to the point of wanting to just quit— this is when it is more important than ever to take “short quits”.

It is so revitalizing to reset, refresh, re-boot, and restart.  When our electronics stop working, this is the very first thing all the tech support people tell us to do.  We are just like our phones and our computers in this way. When we get glitchy, quit all applications for a few minutes and shut down.  What we need is to completely turn off and then restart.  

The powerful strategy to keep ourselves from burnout or exhaustion is to give ourselves permission to take “short quits”.  This looks like moments during the day where we completely quit being a mom, quit solving the problem, quit working on the goal, quit the intense focus on the mission, quit being the boss… and allow ourselves to reboot.  The trick is to manage our thoughts in these moments, to ensure they refresh us most effectively.  Instead of thinking some version of: “I can’t handle this”; “It’s time to throw in the towel”; “Put a fork in me, I’m done”… choose thoughts that generate love and compassion for yourself.  It serves us very well, when it’s time to take a “short quit”, if we choose thoughts like: “I’m going to choose me for a minute”; “I’m taking a moment to pause so I can give myself what I need right now”; “I love me and it is time for a hard reset.”  There is no guilt, no failure, no shame and no weakness in taking “short quits”, especially at this emotionally charged, packed to the brim season of the year. It’s all about giving yourself permission to do so and managing your thoughts about your “short quits” all along the way.

What are your favorite ways to take these “short quits”? Anyone who knows me can tell you how important baths are to me!!  I also love walks in nature, a good hot shower, a drive where I completely unplug, a dance party, a good nap, a movie, reading a fictional book… How do you like to quit for short periods of time in order to restart?

I am so grateful for my full life.  I am so thankful for Christmas.  I am thankful for the tools of “short quits” and a managed mind that allows me to do it all without resentment, overwhelm and exhaustion.  


Happy Holidays!!

Rooting for you always,

Candice Noss


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