Shoulds vs Coulds

Good morning friends!

A few weeks ago one of my beautiful friends, Julie Hawkes, shared a golden nugget of truth with me which I am very thankful for.  In fact, this pearl of wisdom has come up for me in my life or for one of my clients almost daily since she shared this concept with me.  I am so excited to let you in on this juicy fact!! 

The enemy works in “shoulds” and loves to bombard us them, often giving us 5+ at a time.  God works in “coulds” and only gives us 1 to consider at a time.

When the lower brain is driving our life, it’s easy to “should all over ourselves”.  These thoughts land us in low vibe emotions such as overwhelm, frustration, shame, not enough, guilt, discouragement, hopelessness, depression, anxiety… all of which do NOT serve us.

As we quiet our lower brain and reject the “shoulds”, we can tap into our higher brain and hear the thoughts from our spirit and the divine much more clearly.  These thoughts speak to our potential.  These thoughts leave us with a sense of hope and empowerment.  Although the next step we might be feeling prompted to do may seem scary and uncomfortable, when it comes from a divine source, there is a sense of excitement and possibility about it.  Thoughts from our celestial champion are an invitation, never a guilt trip.

I found this quote from Lewis Monday a few years ago and I love how it speaks to this concept. 

“The Lord does not tell us what we are not, but what we are.  He shows us how far we have come. And although he shows us how far we have to go and what we can do to improve, that comes with a feeling of hope, a desire to improve and a feeling of achievability.” 

When it comes to growth, progression, and doing better, I challenge you to “stop shoulding on yourself”. Reject any thoughts that leave you feeling discouraged or ashamed.  Lean into coulds, possibilities and invitations that speak to your potential.  

What are you thankful for this Thursday?

As always, I’d love your insights and feedback.


Rooting for you always,

Candice Noss

Physical Therapist, Life Coach

The Mind, Body, Spirit


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