Sneaky Little Half-Truths

Good Morning Friends, 

I am thankful this week for a mind-blowing revelation from a dear friend and coach of mine, Julie Hawkes. She explained to me that I have a strong gift for recognizing truth, discerning lies and identifying half-truths in all I study and in every facet of my life, except for when it comes to myself.  Yikes!!

Realizing that I was not using my gift to discern truth as it applies to me, was both shocking yet also predictable given my past.  The thing is, I have come so far in rejecting the lies satan would have me believe about myself, my identity and my purpose.  In this powerful moment with Julie, I realized that since now I easily reject and no longer believe the extreme lies such as, “You are an idiot”; “No one wants to hear what you have to say”; “You are a pathetic loser”; “You are a big, fat, ugly, cow”; etc. the adversary has shifted his strategy against me.  He is now attacking me with half-truths such as “You are pretty awesome, but you will never really be amazing”; “You are incredible at what you do, but if you were really good you would have more clients”; “You are showing up in powerful ways, but you just aren’t cut out for reaching very many people”; “You have an important message to share but people just aren’t interested in what you have to offer”; etc.

The sad thing is, I’ve been believing this CRAP!!!  Camouflaged with a little bit of truth, I was naively putting stock in these deceptive lies.  But no more!!  Now that I can see it, I’m recognizing a smattering of sneaky little half-truths peppered all throughout my internal dialogue.  

Yikes!!  It’s time for me to do a “check-up from the neck up” and I’d challenge you to do one as well!!  Think about what you are thinking about, especially when the difficult 50 of life happens.  When you bump up against an obstacle, a fork in the road, a failure or an unmet expectation, what are you thinking?  Hopefully you can easily identify the all-out lies and use your agency to reject them.  BUT… Are you being carefully deceived by sneaky little half-truths? This requires more vigilance and attention to details. Dismiss every single thought that downplays your personality, your appearance, your qualities, your identity, your job, your kids, your roles… Focus on “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!!”

YOU ARE DESIGNED FOR GREATNESS!!  Don’t let anyone, especially yourself tell you otherwise.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this.

Rooting for you always,

Candice Noss

Physical Therapist, Life Coach

The Mind, Body, Spirit


I’ve had so much fun giving presentations lately!!  Do you know of anyone who puts on conferences or is in charge of getting speakers for events? Do you know someone involved with the chamber of commerce or women in business by where you live? Are you aware of any retreats seeking speakers? It would mean the world if you would share my name and connect me with these people.  I’m excited about speaking and am hoping for more opportunities.  The whole truth is, I do have a very important message to share.  There are an abundance of incredible people who need what I have to offer and are excited and ready to live an elevated, thriving life.  Thanks for your love and support!!