Spiritual Senses

Good Morning Friends!

I am thankful today for Spiritual Senses.  

I met with a group of friends yesterday for a day retreat.  I led these incredible women in an exercise where we first discussed 10 different spiriutal senses, identified which ones are dominant for each of us, and then practiced using them.  It was so validating to see our spiriutal senses in action, to see how each person is so unique in how they receive spiritual information, and to know that we all have access to a plethora of ways to receive spiritual communication.   It confirmed to me, yet again, that as we are focused on blessing others and if we ask God in faith, there will be spiritual insights, help, support and information given.

Then today, I went for a walk and felt so much love and spiritual connection because I recognized information coming through my spritual senses.  During my walk, a song came to me (spiritual hearing) giving reassurance and direction.  Images came to my head (spiritual seeing) and a download of information dawned on me (spiritual knowing) about how to proceed with our next retreat (it will be in September-info coming soon!!).  I knew through body sensations (spiritual feeling) as I prayed that I was heard and my petitions will be answered. I recognized that walking opened me up for more spiritual insights (spiritual expression) to flow.  Oh how grateful I am for spiritual senses!

Only a few years ago I was very limited in what I considered qualified as answers to prayers or spiritual communication.  I recognized spiritual communication as only the typical Sunday school answers:  a “burning of the bosom”; or a knowing in your head accompanied with a good feeling in your heart.  When I was introduced to the spiritual senses, it was mind blowing.  I felt my capacity to receive revelation and access my intuition bust wide open.  I am so incredibly thankful!!

Just as we have 5 physical senses that work through our body to communicate information to us about our physical environment, we also have spiritual senses (10 that I know of) that also work through our body to communicate information about spiritual things.  Being able to know and understand which senses are most dominant for us and how we best receive spiritual information allows us magnified spiritual connection.  I am so grateful to understand this, and to be able to teach it to others. 

The spirit piece is a vital part of our human trifecta.  Awareness and recognition of our spiritual senses is critical to living with a spirit powerfully accessed.  I am so thankful I can share this powerful infromation!!

I created my “Living Spiritually Connected” series 2 summers ago after I realized how much my capactity to receive revelation and access my own intuition grew just from understanding about my spiritual senses.  I want everyone to more fully receive spiritual communication and this is a key!   This quote from Russel M. Nelson is one of the reasons I created my course.

“It has never been more imperative to know how the spirit speaks to you than right now.  I renew my plea for you to do whatever it takes to increase your spiritual capacity to receive personal revelation.”

I am grateful I get to start another round of this program March 4-April 26th.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to work on increasing spiritual capacity to receive personal revelation.  If you’d like to join me, reply to this email or click here to sign up.

What are you grateful for on this “Thankful Thursday”?