Stepping Into Self-Love

Dear Friends,

Happy Thursday!!

I am reading a book right now, “Knowing” by Jeffery Olsen.  This week I am thankful for a quote from this book which so eloquently explains what happens as we heal our insecurities and step into self-love and acceptance of our infinite worth. 

“All these years I had expected [my wife] to meet me in the middle.  I had thought that if I gave fifty percent, she would give fifty, and we would somehow create a whole.  But now I was whole on my own.  I no longer needed her validation, nor anyone else’s.  I had my own power, my own light.  I was bringing one hundred percent to the table.  Now I simply chose her.  There was no need or expectations, only love, which I could give freely because I was finally beginning to love myself.”

Isn’t that beautiful.  I know the truth of this— I have lived it.  It is why I am doing what I am doing with my business.  Once I owned the truth of who I really am, and chose to stand with Christ in love and power, like Mr. Olsen, I was able to see and claim my light.  Now my driving desire is to help others reclaim or expand their light as they learn genuine, unconditional love for God, themselves and others. 

I used to believe my worth was conditional.  I needed validation, and A LOT of it in order to feel like I was “ok”.  I was on a never-ending quest for accolades, titles, awards… anything to prove that I was “good” or “enough”.  Poor Cory was in a lose/lose situation because he either didn’t give me enough validation, or if he did compliment me I interpreted it as him lying to make me feel better.  This insatiable insecurity led to depression, self-loathing and toxic perfectionism.  The cure….unconditional self-love and acceptance, which came through Christ and accessing the atonement.  

We can want validation and compliments from others, but we can’t need it.  Filling our own cup is our job.  It is not up to our spouse, parents, boss, friends, family, kids, clients … to tell us we are enough.  We must do that for ourselves.  

Ask yourself the question, “What do I wish someone would tell me?”  Then look in the mirror, accept that you are doing the best you can with what you have, and tell yourself exactly what you want to hear.  

We absolutely have to love ourselves, without condition, 100%, before we can truly accept and wholeheartedly love others.  Christ holds the key to unconditional love for ourselves, and to acceptance of our infinite worth. 

I love how Jeffery Olsen says, when we are “whole on (our) own, (we) no longer need her validation nor anyone else’s. (We have our) own power, (our) own light. (We bring) one hundred percent to the table.”

I am thankful for my Savior, who allows you and I access to this transformative self-love and an intimate understanding of our very own infinite worth.

With love and light,

Candice Noss


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