Sterling Mack – Designed for Greatness 7

Join me in this powerful conversation with Coach Sterling Mack.  He truly has figured out how to live into his divine greatness and how to use his life experiences and gifts to step up to his purpose in serving this world.  Coach Mack went from being homeless, nameless, fatherless, with a mother he couldn’t count on because of  drugs and alcohol, living with his grandma in a 3 bedroom home with 20 other people, and not being able to read until College… to where he is now!!  Happily married, 2 incredible boys with a precious baby girl on the way, arguably the most liked teacher at the middle school, MHS girls basketball head coach with 1 state title under His belt and more to come…  He: got out of the hood; broke the cycle of poverty, drugs, and addiction; and is now showing up every day influencing lives and touching hearts.  I am passionate about what he shared today, among other things: the importance of “just liking yourself”; of never quitting- “don’t stop”, just keep going; being ok not being perfect; and just being kind.  Love for God, self and others, that’s what it’s all about!!  I hope are inspired today, as I have been, to be like Coach Sterling Mack, and step in to your divine greatness!!


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