Strategic Self

Dear Friends,

It is that time of year when school is wrapping up and the anticipation of summer makes us all super “trunky”!!  Oh how I LOVE summer!!!  

This week I’m thankful for some enlightenment about our strategic self vs. our true self.  My word for the year is “Alignment”.  My intention for the year is to live authentically— to be the “Candiciest Candice I can be”.  I desire to be my truest self at all times, in all things and in all places.  

It’s been eye-opening to watch when and why I slip out of alignment with my true self, and fall into my strategic self.  My strategic self people pleases to avoid conflict.  It clings to society’s norms, or cultural trends despite what I see as problems, in order to not offend.  My strategic self plays small in order to avoid the pain of possible failure or rejection.  My strategic self lets the lower brain drive and shushes my voice that longs to speak up. Playing it safe is the strategy and stagnation, with eventual sabotage, is the result when I fall out of alignment with my true self.  

What a blessing it is to have this new awareness of when the strategic self wants to take over.  I now recognize that certain relationships and situations are actually my practice field for staying in alignment with my true self.  

The strategic self avoids conflict at all costs, but I’ve learned that conflict is sometimes necessary if I am to be true to myself.  Addressing the issues doesn’t have to be negative.  Differences of opinion can actually be incredibly healthy, as long as it doesn’t become contentious.  Compassionate conversations, from a calm and curious place, actually build trust and love for ourselves and others.  

When do you notice your strategic self taking over? Can you feel when you are out of alignment with your true self? Do you recognize when you are being a watered down version of yourself?  Why does your strategic self take control? I’d love to hear your insights!!

May we have the courage to live more fully in alignment with our true self!!  Tear it up out there my friends. 🙂

Onwards and Upwards,

Candice Noss

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