Success Mentality

Dear Friends,

I’m thankful you are taking a few moments with me to reflect on your life and tap into gratitude. 🙂

My question for you to ponder today is one that an incredible client posed to me last week. “How do you measure success?  If your worth truly is set and infinite… if worth is no longer in question or dependent on wealth, body size, lifestyle, profession, popuarity, athleticism, talents, relationship status, etc., how do you measure success?” 

What do you think?

In my eyes the best measure of success is growth.  So, how do you measure growth?

Today my Freshmen Girls Basketball team plays their final game and finishes up their season.  I’ve been so incredibly blessed to have an amazing basketball coaching mentor.  He’s taught me the power of taking, evaluating and sharing stats about each game with my players.  Over the years he’s developed a system of analyzing the stats and computing “hustle points” each game as a team and for each player.  This number, “Hustle Points”, gives an accurate picture of how well our team and each individual player did, from a whole-picture standpoint. Hustle points are a fantastic objective measure that shows growth and therefore success in basketball.  It’s been awesome to see my players succeed this year as their hustle points continually increased as individuals and as a team.  

The “Success Mentality” which I appreciate and am thankful for this week is: “I either WIN or I GROW.”  Wins and growth both = success.  Hustle points are easy to see and measure. What are some ways you see and measure growth in the different areas of life and in the many roles you play?

I challenge you to consider your own growth and determine some ways to measure it. What does success, aka growth, look like in your life?

“Hustle points” take into consideration important aspects of basketball such as turnovers, steals, points attempted, points made, rebounds, deflections, blocks, free throws made and free throws attempted. What are the important aspects of your life?  Where would you like to grow?  Are you celebrating your obvious victories as well as your not so obvious “growth victories”?  In my body love program I call these “growth victories”, “Non-Scale victories.”  I challenge you to consider that the only way for one to fail or lose is to quit trying.  This Thursday, I am thankful for the empowerment that comes from living by the “success mentality”- I either win or I grow. I am never failing, and always learning.

In basketball this season, my teams biggest instances of growth were the result of losing a game.  Mistakes are necessary, not negative.  If we live by the success mentality, mistakes become the impetus for growth, and are therefore very valuable.

What are your measures for growth?  Email me if you feel inclined to share. I’d love to hear from you. 🙂


Genuinely yours,

Candice Noss

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