Suffering & Freedom

Hello Friends!

On this beautiful Thursday, I am thankful for some explanations I came across for suffering and for freedom.  I am grateful for how this enhanced understanding creates more clarity as to what it looks like to live in alignment with our true self.

Suffering happens whenever you are not in control, not getting what you want and are upset about it.  Freedom happens from learning how to be happy and at peace, even when you are not getting your own way.  

My poor 4 year old is experiencing a lot of suffering lately. She often does not get what she wants.  There are tears, tantrums, fits and even bargaining in hopes of getting her way.  I am striving to teach her to be happy with what she has, even if she wants something else.  However, she often reverts to yelling, whining, complaining and more crying every time she wants something and I hold my ground.  It is easy to see the freedom that would come to her if she could just make peace with the reality of a No.

I am sure God feels the same way about us!  Our curriculum in this life is His business.  We often throw fits, crying and begging— suffering— because we are not in control or getting what we want.  Instead of resisting the reality of “what is” and prolonging our suffering, we can choose to surrender.  As we acknowledge and accept the things that we can’t control, this powerful choice frees us from suffering, landing us in a place of freedom and peace.  Freedom because we can then focus on the things we can control: our thoughts, feelings, and actions; the way we love God, ourselves and others; and our growth.  Peace because we know ALL things give us experience and work together for our good. (D&C 122:7; D&C [90:24]). 

Pain is part of our contract with life.  Only dead people never get stressed, betrayed, broken hearted or hurt. It is pain that creates the growth, molding us into better versions of ourselves.  I’ve heard it said, “Pain is inevitable.  Suffering is optional.  Suffering = pain + resistance.”

I’m grateful for the object lesson my sweet daughter is providing for me at this stage in her development.  I am thankful for the challenge of landing in freedom where I have a foundation of peace despite the pain that is inevitable.  May we accept the things we can not control and embrace the journey of growth.

Rooting for you always,

Candice Noss


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