Supporting Our Kids Stepping Into Their Divine Greatness In Athletics with ShaNell Turner Designed for Greatness 9

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Join me in this insightful conversation with ShaNell Turner. She truly has figured out how to live into her divine greatness as a mother by supporting her kids in their sports endeavors. It can be tricky navigating the high emotions and intense circumstances incumbent with comp and High School sports. As parents, it is up to us to figure out the best way to support our kids and help them get the most out of their sports experiences. ShaNell has some wisdom that is golden!!! In this episode she is able to provide some mentorship to parents and help us move in a positive direction as we strive to show up for our kids. Listen in for some great advice from a seasoned mother about how to help our kids get the most out of their sports experiences in a way that empowers them to truly step in to their divine greatness.