The 3 C’s

Good Morning Friends,

Today is the very last day of March and the last day of the first quarter of the year.  It’s a great day for reflection and landing in the space of gratitude.  What are you grateful for about the week? The month? The first quarter of the year?

Last week I wrote about avoiding the 4C’s (Compare, Compete, Complain, Criticize) in order to develop loving relationships.  Usually, I try to steer clear of focusing on something “not to do”.  One of the rules I like to live by is “Don’t say Don’t”, because when we say “Don’t do something” all our brain hears is “the something”. For example, if I said “Don’t think about a purple cow” what are you imagining? 😉

Since I focused last week on what “NOT TO DO”, this week I’ve been pondering what “TO DO” in order to create loving relationships.  In speaking with one of my dear friends this week about something totally unrelated, she casually told me that she strives to stay calm, compassionate and curious as she interacts with a certain person in her life. When she spoke, those 3 “C” words vibrated within my heart. MMMMM!!  That’s it!!  To build, develop and create loving relationships with God, ourselves and others, it is powerful to utilize these 3 C’s: Stay Calm, Compassionate, and Curious.  I have experienced first hand how truly connecting it is to fully step into this place of calmness, compassion and curiosity in our interactions.  In fact, I’ve written 2 other Thankful Thursday’s specifically about “Compassionate Communication” and “Get Curious not Furious”.  I am so thankful for my friend and for her giving me the answer I was seeking about what to do for landing in a place of love in our relationships- the 3 C’s. I hope you find ways to experiment with avoiding the 4 C’s and incorporating the 3C’s.  Let me know how it goes. 

Tear it up this week!!


Gratefully yours,  


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