The 4 C’s

Good Morning Friends 🙂 ,

A concept popped up 3x in the past week (seriously 3 different times!!!- LOL).  I am so thankful for it and am excited to share the 4 C’s: Criticize, Complain, Compete, Compare. 

Does it ever blow your mind how many groups of people we interact with?  There is our immediate family, extended family, colleagues, faculty, staff, presidencies, clients, teams, friend groups, church groups, peers from certain experiences or times of our lives … If we can avoid the 4 C’s it will protect every relationship/group/team we have.  

In my eyes, one of the absolute most important things we are here on earth to do is to learn how to love others.  Learning how to avoid the 4C’s is critical.  

I challenge you to think of a strained relationship you have.  Are you participating in any of the 4C’s with that person?  

As you reflect on the closeness of different families, can you recognize the 4 C’s and how participating in them disintegrates bonds?  

As you think about your best relationships can you see the absence of the 4C’s and how avoiding them allows strong connections to develop?

When I am not vigilant about watching myself and my thoughts, it is super easy to fall into the 4C’s.  It’s tempting to compare my kids against each other, to compete with my siblings, to criticize my spouse, to complain about my colleagues… Now that I know what to look out for, I notice the 4C’s popping up all over the place- yikes!!   It has become blaringly clear how devastating these bad habits of falling into criticism, comparing, competing, and complaining are to the people I’m striving to accept and love.  

The tribal paranoia, and natural man pieces of our lower brain would love us to compare, complain, compete, and criticize.  As you strive to be the boss of your brain, watch out for the 4 C’s.  To quote GI Joe, “Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.”

I am thankful for my knowledge of the 4C’s and I am thankful for this group which you are a part of!! 

Genuinely Yours,

Candice Noss

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