The Gift of Rising

Dear Friends,

My heart is swimming in gratitude for an incredible gathering of women I was blessed to be a part of last weekend.  Every woman there shared her heart in unique ways, granting me an abundance of beautiful insights that I have found myself continually going back to and reflecting on.

I am especially thankful for the words Robin Johnson shared with us, which were inspired by her study and ponderings about Mary Magdalene:

“The gift of rising

Is not surpassing others,

But coming closer

To yourself.

For all women

 have been given a Spirit 

that soars to greater heights.

All women

Have been given a heart

Full of power and strength.

All women

Have the capacity to

Change the world

As they reach out to

Uplift and inspire humanity.

All women.


Do you feel the power of those words like I do? Are you fully partaking of “the gift of rising”?

Consider these quotes:

-“Women shape the future…My dear sisters, we need you! We need your strength, your conversion, your conviction, your ability to lead, your wisdom and your voices.  We simply can not gather Isreal without you.” (Russel M. Nelson)

-“Angels can not be restrained from associating with women who are pure and innocent.” (Joseph Smith)

-“The blessings of the priesthood are not conferred to men alone.  These blessings are also poured out upon all the faithful women of the church.  The lord offers to his daughters every spiritual gift and blessing that can be obtained by his sons.” (Joseph Fielding Smith)

As we choose to RISE, becoming closer to our most divine self, more and more like our Savior, our capacity to spread light and truth, to touch and transform lives and to fulfill the measure or our creation amplifies.  Truly, women who know who they REALLY are are changing the world “as they reach out to uplift and inspire humanity.”

How are you leaning into “the gift of rising”? What can you do to “reach out to uplift and to inspire humanity”?  I’d love to hear!!

Remember- You are designed for greatness and you have an important work to do!!

Rooting for you always, 

Candice Noss


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