The Gifts of Sports

Good Morning Friends,

I am thankful today for sports.  I often say, sports are a vehicle for learning life lessons. I believe any hobby or extra-curricular activity can serve as an instrument for learning life, but today I will focus my thoughts on sports.  The reason I have such a compelling belief in the gifts of sports is because I grew up playing every sport I could and I still try to play as much as I can. Sports have always edified my life.  I know I am who I am today because of the wisdom my sports experiences have taught and continue to teach me. 

Sports are on my heart today because as I write this, I am flying home from one of the very last travel soccer tournaments my 2nd daughter will ever play in.  Since she was 5 or 6 years old she has been on a soccer team.  At a very early age it was apparent she had a natural gift and my goal was to give her every opportunity to develop this innate talent.  Over the last decade her commitment and dedication to the sport has been a defining characteristic of her life.  I imagined it would pay for her college. I dreamed it would enrich whatever future she envisioned for herself.  As she finishes out her last season of competition soccer, the future she’s decided on does not include soccer.  Although this genuinely saddens me, I am so proud of her for being independent enough to shape her own destiny according to what she wants for herself.  I am grateful she has gotten the grades necessary that she doesn’t even need soccer to pay for her education. I am so thankful for every minute and dollar we sacrificed for her soccer involvement. It genuinely has served her well.

Gratitude fills me up as I think about all the practical life and people skills sports nurture and develop in athletes. I’ve witnessed sports giving the gifts of: grit, fortitude, ethics, sportsmanship, teamwork, respect for authority, strategy, confidence, overcoming adversity, dealing with inequity, resilience with injuries, dealing with disappointments, learning how to win, managing victory, triumphing despite daunting odds, persistence, excellence, discipline, attitude, health, understanding in all kinds of relationships… the list goes on and on.  As parents we sacrifice so much time, energy, money and resources for our children.  I am thankful this Thursday for the opportunity I have to do this for my kids in their sports aspirations. 

I am also thankful for the chance I have as a basketball coach for the freshmen girls to help teach and sustain the lessons that sports teach.  Our head coach, Sterling Mack, always says, “Basketball isn’t life, but it has everything to do with life.”  What lessons have you learned from sports? What are you teaching your kids through the teams they are involved with? What fills your heart with gratitude on this Thankful Thursday?


Rooting for you always,

Candice Noss

Speaker, Wellness Coach, Physical Therapist

The Mind, Body, Spirit


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