Conquering Confidence Testimonials

I just finished with this program, and it has really helped me gain confidence and learn how to be more outgoing, and in control. I was having problems with doubting myself and letting stuff get to my  head. However, after I started the program, Candice helped me a lot with gaining control of my thoughts and how to be a more happier and trusting person. Thank you Candice for being the person that I needed! 

Your Body Love and Conquering Confidence courses have changed the way I approach everything in my life. I see through new lenses and fell happier and healthier than ever before! “….you have been such a blessing ALREADY to my daughter!! I am in so much debt of gratitude to you!! My sis wants to call you…she has shared your info with dozens of people…said its the best $ she has spent in her lifetime… my daughter is making friends so easily now and truly loves herself!!”

We have loved working with Candice through the Conquering Confidence Program!

It has been amazing to listen and learn with my daughter. There are so many things Candice teaches and implements that I only wish I’d known back when I was a teen! Even though it was for my daughter- I know it has helped me now in my adult life! I felt right away that I trusted Candice and was in awe at her positivity and happy attitude toward life. Candice presents in such a way that grabs your attention and makes you laugh and cry and feel all the feels. I loved watching the videos with my daughter and could see the way it was reaching her and helping her to create so many good habits. I knew my daughter was internalizing these important truths that Candice teaches, and I know it’s helped her so much. I love how Candice will teach a new truth or concept and then repeat what she taught the time before and the time before that! Everything comes in full circle and it is incredible to connect the dots and see how it all comes together to help us live more happy and fulfilled lives while loving ourselves, God and others. The coaching calls were key and my daughter looked forward to those because she could ask questions and talk back and forth with Candice. It definitely made this a very personal experience with Candice as they got to know each other and Candice was able to see what struggles my daughter had and where she was needing more of a boost or a stronger conviction of a truth. You just can’t help but smile and feel happy when your talking to Candice:) We’ve been so blessed to have taken this journey with her and feel of her light and love. She has a very unique talent and we are so grateful to her for  sharing her knowledge and strengths with us!

Candice Christiansen Noss is truly an amazing soul. I have never learned to love myself until her.

I love knowing that I can LITERALLY choose a life of goodness and LOVE…or a life of sorrow and evil. Its up to me!! My life isn’t defined by what I have been deprived of, when I was hurt, or when I didn’t fit in….those are just circumstances!! I can choose happiness everyday and be in charge of my thoughts…Satan doesn’t want you to know that little secret. We have power over our own lives and how we feel. Thanks to Candice Christiansen Noss for her course in helping me take back my life and understanding this more fully.

I just want to share this Life Changing program with you guys so you can appreciate it as much as I do!

Candice Christiansen Noss is an AMAZING woman who knows her stuff when it comes to understanding how to truly love Yourself, God, and Others.

I just finished taking her Mind Body Spirit Conquering Confidence course right after I got home from my mission. I thought I had all of this stuff in the bag since I just spent the last 19 months trying to do all of that. But eventually, real life started to slap me in the face and tell me lies that weren’t true. I quickly slid into a state of under appreciation for my surroundings and the way I was because in some ways, none of it was as glamorous as I had anticipated when I left the mission.

What Candice teaches isn’t just a confidence boost on the hard days – it’s a life style of positive, proactive thinking that gives you the ability to achieve anything so long as you put your mind to it, literally! If you’re having a hard time with negative thoughts about yourself, your life, other people – or you just need some new tools to help get you through the weeks worth of tough situations, Candice is your girl! Her services are offered completely  virtually, which makes it easy to access anywhere you go! (I’ve listened to some of her best videos on some of my longer drives out to Wyoming) She’s available to talk and discuss your feelings and thoughts just about any time, and she’ll even do a video call once a week get in real deep on how you can improve your head space.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we all struggle with self-doubt, worry, inadequacies, judgements, fears and so much more. The key to overcoming any situation is knowing where your anxieties are coming from and addressing them in an appropriate way. Candice teaches this and SO. MUCH. MORE.

If you’re interested, I’d love to share more and get you in contact with her!Your worth is set! remember that!

My daughter is her old self again…She has been able to conquer her thoughts and she now loves herself and is teaching others around her. She smiles, laughs, does service, shows gratitude. She works hard at work and in friendships…Candice Noss, you have given us so much to be thankful for- peace, HOPE, love, CONFIDENCE!! There are NO WORDS strong enough for how much I believe in this program… One daughter of God at a time… you are bringing them back to their Divine remembrance and ACTIVELY fighting Satan in his plan. It’s INCREDIBLE Candice.

I wish you could know how thankful I am that my daughter is starting to be herself again. Every text, every MarcoPolo, every Video, every Coaching Call is so fun to hear about how she is thinking differently… Every woman, teenager and person needs this course!!