Speaking Testimonials

Candice last night was AMAZING!!! It was just exactly what I needed to hear after having a lousy day! I woke up this morning with such a
better perspective and attitude! It was seriously a talk that changed my outlook and that I’ll remember forever! 

You are the best speaker. What a treat for these girls.

You did an AMAZING job tonight! Thank you so much for your message. I will try harder to not be “getting all up in God’s business”!

Candice, you have such a beautiful way of talking to all people!

I loved learning about the mind, body and spirit. You did a fantastic job! I’ll concentrate on feeding my lower brain good thoughts to manifest!

Such a fantastic presentation! Thank you so much!

So much talent and expertise! Your wisdom has been very beneficial! You change lives! Thank you.

Thank you for the wonderful lesson tonight. You are awesome!

My mom just called me today, she said she heard you talk yesterday. She said it was so amazing!! You really made an impression. People are talking about it and talking about how wonderful you are.