The Pareto Principle

Hello my friends!!

Have you heard of the Pareto Principle?  On this beautiful Thursday morning I am thankful for the Pareto Principle, aka the 80/20 rule, which says, 20% of your activities will account for 80% of your results.  

This 80/20 rule has popped up for me 3 times in the past few days, creating significant curiosity.  After studying about it, I can’t wait to apply this principle to my life and watch how it plays out!!  I’m excited to share it with you. 

Vilfred Pareto was an Italian economist who began seeing this 80/20 rule show up in many different areas.  He saw the pattern in his gardening, noting that 80% of his harvest came from 20% of the pea plants.  He noticed that 80% of the wealth in Italy was owned by 20% of the people.  

In the 1940’s Dr. Joseph Juran coined this 80/20 rule, “The Pareto Principle”, when he realized 80% of the problems in his products were caused by 20% of the methods used for production.  He applied the Pareto principle by focusing on the 20% of the production problems. He successfully multiplied quality production.  He surmised that we should focus on the “vital few” and ignore the “trivial many” to have the greatest success.

One of my favorite truths is, “Where focus goes, energy flows.”  The Pareto Principle helps shed light on which areas to focus our attention.  By identifying the most important 20% of our activities and doing them first thing, we will be much more efficient with our time, energy and resources. 

I’m sure we can all relate to feeling busy all day but accomplishing very little because the things we spent our focus on were trivial.  Being busy is not the same as being productive.  It is easy to get caught running around without a plan, just putting out fires.  Life happens and it is easy to unintentionally procrastinate the one or two activities of most value.  The most important tasks often requrie the greatest amount of grit- they might be uncomfortable, difficult and complex.  However, according to the Pareto Principle, the payoff for completing these “vital tasks” can be tremendous.

Ben Hogan, the Professional Golfer, said, “I stopped trying to do a great many difficult things perfectly because it had become clear in my mind that this ambitious over-thourough-ness was neither possible nor advisable, or even necessary.” Do you get caught up trying to do every little thing perfectly and then miss doing the “vital tasks”? 

20% of what we do in the day accounts for 80% of our results.  This begs some important questions.  

  • What activities are the “vital few”, the 20%, that creates 80% of the results?  
  • What activities are the “trivial many” that are much less productive? 
  • What 1 goal will have the most positive impact on my life? 
  • What activities can I abandon that are taking up too much of my  time?

The power of this principle comes when we focus on the vital tasks first and resist the urge to get distracted by the many small and trivial things that will come up. Before the day begins, analyze the important tasks that need to be done.  Start with the biggest, hardest and most important thing first.  In order to truly take advantage of the 80/20 rule, we must discipline ourselves to begin with the most vital task immediately and then persist until it is completed before moving on.

I am grateful for the Pareto Principle and how it helps me see the value in simplifying and prioritizing.  I am thankful for the nudge to analyze my lengthy lists of goals and to-do’s, in order to just focus on becoming outstanding at 20% of the things that contribute to 80% of the results.  According to the Pareto Principle, when we nail the most important activities first, the “vital few”, we will see our results multiply, find new pockets of time, and ultimately, elevate our lives.  Let’s do it!


Rooting for you always,

Candice Noss


I actually have used the Pareto Principle, without even knowing it, as I created my programs.  I analyzed “all the things” and whittled down the “vital few” that produce the most powerful results.  My Body Love Program is simple and effective. Click here to set up a call with me. Let’s talk and see if working with me would be the right fit for you.  I am passionate about empowering women to live the life of their dreams.  It’s all about getting the Mind, Body and Spirit healthy and humming. 🙂

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