The Power of a Mastermind

Today I am thankful for the amplified energy and inspiration that comes from a being in a harmonious group of likeminded individuals, all operating at high vibe and working toward similar goals.  There is an almost magical flow of ideas and an inherent enthusiasm with this type of selfless group collaboration. 

“The Law of Success” by Napoleon Hill, dives deep into this concept he calls “The Mastermind”.  He defines a Mastermind as “a mind which grows out of the blending and coordination of 2 or more minds in a spirit of perfect harmony.” There truly is a re-charging and a re-vitalizing of minds that occurs as people come together for collaboration, avoiding any inkling of competition.  As the individuals come together operating in an abundant mentality, with the spirit of imagination, potential and possibility coloring their interactions, a powerful energy allows all to benefit greatly.  By both giving and receiving, each member of the group grows, contributes and profits far more than any 1 of the members ever could have by themselves.  

I am so grateful for the “masterminds” I am involved in.  The relationships, alliances, interactions, support, assistance,  and connections from these groups are truly indispensable!!  

Groups created in a “together we rise” mentality with sentiments such as, “your victory = my victory” allows for heightened success.  These kinds of groups  stimulate ideas, open individual minds to new possibilities, and create enhanced opportunities to connect, contribute and grow.

If you are working towards a goal, I challenge you to create your own mastermind or group.  Make sure there is no friction or envy between any individuals.  Set the intention for the group to be a safe space for collaboration, accountability, and support, all in a spirit of harmony.  As you work together and cheer each other on from a place of abundance, take note of your level of success.  I’d love to hear how it goes for you!!

What are you thankful for on this snowy Thursday?