The Power of “So”

Dear Friends,

I am thankful this Thursday for the power of the word “So”.  I am in a mastermind group with the amazing Rachel Curfew.  We were discussing anxiety, and Rachel introduced me to such a powerful tool that I am excited to share!!

Before I share “the power of ‘so’”, let’s get clear on a few things about the emotion of anxiety.  Anxiety is a low frequency emotion.  Although it can inspire caution and safety, when it is experienced often or for a prolonged time, it can handicap and even paralyze our progress.  Some interesting things to take note of about anxiety:

  •  Anxiety is not felt if we are truly present and grounded.  Anxiety is always about the future or the past.
  • Anxiety occurs when we are trying to control things that are outside of our own business.  The truth is we can not control the things in God’s business (curriculum and worth) or in other people’s business (their thoughts, feelings and/or actions).  The inability to control these things, when one feels the  determination to control them, leaves one spinning in anxiety.

It is totally understandable that we land in anxiety!  But, we don’t have to stay there. The power of “so” is a beautiful tool to attack anxiety.

The power of “so” comes into play after we tease out the thought which is creating the anxiety.  Often this thought is some version of a “What if…” thought. Once the thought is tagged, add the word “so” in front of it and watch how the energy shifts.  For example, imagine if your husband lost his job.  It would be very reasonable and understandable to spin out in thoughts such as:

 “What if we can’t pay our mortgage?” 

“What if he can’t find a new job?” 

“How will we survive on our savings?” 

Now, add the word “so” before the thought:  

“So what if we can’t afford the mortgage?”

“So what if he can’t find a new job?” 

“So how will we survive on our savings?

The word “so” is magical because it brings the statement out of a question about a future unknown and puts it into the present.  It  lands us in ownership of the circumstances and gets us busy solving problems instead of spinning out about them.  When we add “so” in front of  the anxiety causing statement, we prove to ourself that in reality, nothing has gone wrong here.  We will be able to handle whatever comes up and we are already finding solutions, by answering back our brain.

I love this tool and am so thankful this week for a new way to combat anxiety.  

What are you thankful for this week? Remember, gratitude is a magnet for miracles!!




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