The Power of Words

Hello Friends!

On this beautiful fall Thursday morning I am thankful for the power of words.

Over the past few weeks, I have been working with a very intuitively gifted woman and will most likely work with her in some capacity in the future.  However, she had a concern with some of the verbiage I use for my business, The Mind Body Spirit Trifecta. As you know, I teach and empower women to live with a “Mind firmly controlled, a Body purposefully loved and a Spirit powerfully accessed.”  The word “controlled” did not sit well with my friend.  She insisted that the word “control” is a low-frequency word.  The war in heaven was fought over free agency vs. being controlled.  Our spirits have an innate aversion to being controlled.  She challenged me to come up with a different word.

Initially, I felt myself get defensive over this.  Our minds truly must be under our control.  I’m not saying we are controlling anyone else, but it is imperative we control our own self.  Furthermore, controlling our own mind is critical in order to succeed in every facet of life.  And the words “firm mind” come directly from the scriptures.  I stubbornly determined that I actually really did want to keep the words “a mind firmly controlled” to describe my business.  However— as I felt my shackles rise over this, I became aware of my defensiveness.  I’m striving to eliminate all defensiveness in my life and therefore I have been uber aware of any time I recognize myself falling into a defensive stance.  I relaxed into the defensiveness, allowed it and then set my intention to release it, remembering one of my favorite empowering thoughts, “Get curious, not furious!!”  

Once I got my ego out of the way by replacing defensiveness with curiosity, I realized my friend had only my best interests in mind when she gave me the feedback about my verbiage.  By tapping into curiosity I was able to look at the wording of my business non-emotionally.  It became clear that in all honesty, I actually did agree with this amazing woman. “Control” truly is a low frequency word and I genuinely don’t like it.  Was there a better word?  I played around with 4 or 5 other options but nothing sat right.  I continued to ask myself, “What is a better word than “controlled” to use?  A mind firmly _________…what?”  (Remember, our brains love having a problem to solve!!) I pondered, meditated and prayed about this conundrum for a few days.  Then, last week, while waiting for a procedure for my daughter, I had a quiet moment of reflection.  Out of the blue it came to me, “Aligned”!!!  That was it!!  “A mind firmly ALIGNED”!!  The word literally hummed in my mind and came with a zing of energy to my heart.  

I love the word “aligned”.  It is so much better than “controlled”!!  This speaks to becoming the boss of our brain in order to have a mind firmly aligned with Christ. A mind firmly aligned with our most divine self.  A mind firmly aligned with our sacred missions.  A mind firmly aligned with faith, love, gratitude, abundance, grace…. Alignment speaks to choice and it implies awareness and intention.  “Aligned” is a powerful word and it perfectly explains what I mean. I’m so grateful for this heightened awareness of the little nuances of words.  

After my epiphany, I immediately updated my website— now I just need to get new business cards made ;).

The words we use matter.  Are there words you consistently use that you could elevate into more powerful communication?  Are you careful in your word choice?  

I’m so grateful for words and this improved awareness of their power in our lives.  I’m thankful for the help from on high I received in landing upon this up-leveled word choice for my business.  

May we all strive to live with a “Mind firmly aligned, a Body purposefully loved and a Spirit powerfully accessed.”  (I’m here for you if you’d like any help doing this!!)

Tear it up out there and remember, YOU ARE DESIGNED FOR GREATNESS!!

With love,