The Ripple Effect of a Life Well Lived

I am so grateful on this “Thankful Thursday” to be a witness of the ripple effect of a life well lived.  

My grandmother, who is 95 years old, passed away yesterday morning.  I’ve had the beautiful opportunity to reflect on her incredible life over the past few days and am overcome with awe for all the goodness present in this world because of Marilyn Allred Brown.

This amazing woman birthed 6 children and raised them each to be strong, powerful, independent, golden human beings.  She has 17 grandchildren (10 girls, 7 boys) all of whom believe they are secretly her favorite.  Her imprint on each of her grandkids runs deep.  We are all different, in beautiful ways, because she loved us so transformationally.  This incredible woman has 56 great-grandchildren.  She has held and fawned over each precious great-grandbaby.  She knows each one intimately, offering sage wisdom and blessing each and every one with her full, focused, nurturing attention.  That is 79 souls that would not be here without her.  79 lives whose hearts have been touched by this phenomenal women who truly SAW each and every one of them, believing with unwavering faith in their greatness.

“The love we received from our grandma’s defines how we love in this life.” Someone shared that with me in a comment about my grandmother.  The truth of it rings so true!!  There are 79 people who are now showing up in this world loving differently, more deeply than they ever could have without her influence.  The ripple effect of this woman is mind-blowing, and that is just her immediate family! When you take into consideration spouses, extended family, all her friends, those in the community she worked with, her congregation, strangers …. The ripples are incomprehensible.

I want to take this moment when my heart is so raw to tell each and everyone of you, my loyal tribe, that you matter!!  Your life and the way you choose to live it matters!!  The love you spread and freely give to others matters.  You are creating ripples, whether you know it or not, and I am grateful for you. 

I am so thankful to be inspired by the ripples of love left by my grandmother.  As she transitions from being my earthly angel to my heavenly angel, my heart will continue to swell with gratitude for this woman who truly is the embodiment of the divinity of mothers.


Onward and Upward!!