“Therefore, what?”

Good Morning Friends 🙂 ,

It’s “Thankful Thursday”!!  Possibly the last Thursday before school starts, or maybe the first Thursday of your school year… what are you thankful for today?

The nugget of wisdom from the past week which I’ve continued to ponder and am so thankful for is a simple question a client of mine passed along.  He shared this question, which Boyd K. Packer is known to ask after a talk or class, “Therefore, what?”

I just finished a huge undertaking.  Moments ago I completed the last of the content for the summer series I created, “Powerfully Accessing Our Spirits: Exploring Spiritual Senses to Expand our Intuition and Revelation.” I’ve worked diligently on this project, pouring my heart and energy into it, despite a very full summer.  It is honestly a miracle that it all came together so beautifully and according to my timeline.  I’ve truly felt divine guidance every step of the way and am grateful for the opportunity. I’ve learned so much through the process, “Therefore, what?” 

Summer was filled with family trips that strengthened bonds and created meaningful memories.   “Therefore, what?”

School is looming. Opportunities abound, “Therefore, What?”

The end of summer and the beginning of a new school year can be the perfect impetus for reflection and intention.  This simple but powerful question, “Therefore, what?” persuades us to glean lessons and apply them for continued growth and progression.  I am grateful for this question and the purposeful action it inspires.

I challenge you to consider the things you’ve been learning and ask yourself this question, “Therefore, what?”

Gratefully yours,

Candice Noss


My Body Love Program is transformational!! I’m filling up my September group now.  Join me and bring your sister or friend with you. 🙂  One of my clients said this about her Body Love journey, “I am so grateful for the things you’ve taught me!!  I want to shout it out from the rooftops so others can have the opportunity to do the work too!!”  I use the goal of losing weight as the framework to teach powerful, life-changing principles, tools and strategies.  I’m so excited to jump back into this empowering work. I absolutely LOVE connecting with women who are ready to bust out of ruts and grow!!

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