Together We Rise

Dear Friends,

Happy Thursday!!  What are you thankful for this week?

I am thankful for understanding a powerful concept, “Together we RISE”.  This was the theme of a retreat 2 amazing friends and I put on last weekend.  I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be a part of something dedicated to empowering women to RISE (by living with a mind firmly controlled, a body purposefully loved and a spirit powerfully accessed in order to step in to who they really are and to step up to their missions to this world) and to then help other women to RISE.  We laughed a lot, learned a ton and connected on so many levels. 

Before I found life-coaching and learned to manage my brain, I used to look at success through the lens of scarcity.  I felt that there was only so much available for the taking. If someone else was victorious, that meant I was losing or at least lacking in some critical way.  I suffered from comparisonitis, where other people’s wins were the impetus to beat myself up for not doing what they were able to do.  This mindset is driven by the extreme survivalism, tribal paranoia and natural man tendencies of our lower brain.  It is totally understandable, but in reality, this type of thinking is just a bunch of lies and crap. It breeds a “dog eat dog” mentality and is divisive.

The truth is, there is an abundance of success and wins available to every single human being on this planet.   We need each other in order to fully accomplish the great things we were sent here to do. Cheering each other on and supporting one another in the pursuit of dreams is one of the most rewarding and powerful things we can do in mortality. “Together we RISE” came from a quote I absolutely love, “A rising tide lifts all ships”. As we focus on the good, the good gets better.  This is always the case because of the universal truth, “That which we focus on expands”.  Our brain finds evidence to prove whatever we are thinking to be true. The law of attraction is always in play.  Focusing on the wins of another and being their biggest fan, can then serve to inspire us to follow their lead and tap into our own greatness.  Shining a light on their success with love and support will empower us to bravely follow our own purpose.  It engenders a feeling of “Your victory = My victory” creating a unity and sisterhood that can transform communities. I love the quote, “One woman can change a life, but together we can rock the world”. It is so true!!  I am so grateful for the ability of our higher brains to override the default wiring of our lower brain, to enable us to not be threatened by the awesomeness of others, but to be awakened, motivated and empowered by them.

Becky Stolle provided every member of this retreat with a laminated copy of the following excerpt from “Fighting Forward” by Hannah Brencher.  I feel that this articulates the concept of “Together we RISE” in a beautiful and powerful way:

“I can tell you from experience that stepping into someone else’s race to push them forward is one of the more fulfilling tasks you will ever take part in.  You may not think that at first, and you may not always feel like showing up, but I can promise you that something will start to shift in your heart as you become a cheerleader for other people.  Something will change, and no amount of good sentences or words will be able to truly capture what that feeling is.  I have to believe that God knit and designed a special feeling that is only unlocked when we put people in front of ourselves and push them to be bright.

At any point in the story, you can become the kind of person who clears enough space to grab the poster board and make the glittery sign for someone who needs it as they run the race.  You can show up in the cold and the rain and the heat to walk and run those metaphorical miles alongside someone.  You can stand in the front row of their story, pump your fist in the air, and remind them of this: we don’t give up; we just keep getting better.

What if we believed in the “long distance” of one another like that?  What if we stopped treating life as a solo race and started seeing the deeper threads of a relay?  Of a passing of the baton? Of spurring one another on and picking up the slack when someone else is tired. It would be more beautiful, that’s for sure.”

I am so grateful that this life isn’t a solo race. I am so thankful to know  that “Together we Rise”.

Rooting for you always,

Candice Noss