Good morning friends,

Happy Thankful Thursday!! What are you thankful for this week?

Today I am thankful for triggers.  I know that sounds weird, who likes their buttons being pushed— right???  I am grateful for triggers because ultimately they lead to healing and growth.

When something that happens engenders a powerful, uncomfortable, emotional response, that feeling of defensive, knee-jerk, reactivity is actually quite a gift.  If we can slow it all down and examine the situation before we actually do react, our triggers become our greatest teachers.  Fully feeling into and sitting with the emotions that cascade through our bodies when we are triggered, creates powerful awareness.  It becomes easier to recognize when we are feeling triggered.  This presence of mind allows a degree of neutrality, despite the trigger, necessary to dig into the underlying cause for the charged emotional response to a certain stimulus.  

Trauma, self-doubt, insecurity, fear, shame … there is always something deeper, hiding beneath the superficial trigger.  As we recognize and then analyze our triggers, there is so much insight we can glean.  As we look squarely at the pieces of ourselves that our triggers highlight, healing and growth are the natural consequence.  

I love it when I realize something that used to really send me reeling, doesn’t even phase me anymore.  This is a sure sign that trauma or thought errors have been fully addressed and released.  Triggers, that are no longer triggers, prove we are progressing.  I am grateful for triggers.

What triggers you? Why? Is there anything that used to trigger you that doesn’t anymore?

Rooting for you always,

Candice Noss

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