Tune-In to Your Body’s Wisdom

April 18, 2024

To introduce what I am thankful for this week, I have some questions for you to consider this morning:

  • Who do you listen to the very most in your life?
  • What messages are the ones you pay attention to?
  • Which communications do you act on and which ones do you dismiss?  
  • Are you truly listening to the most important voice in your life?
  • Amidst the cacophony of external influences, how do you discern which messages to heed and which to discard? 

The answer lies within your own body!!  

I am so thankful today for the human body.  I have the opportunity to speak at Be Healthy Utah this weekend and as I’ve been preparing, I am continually left in awe of how freaking AWESOME our body’s are!! 

Our bodies are not merely vessels for our mind and spirit, but they are intricate communicators, conveying invaluable insights about everything in our world. The most important thing to listen to is our very own body!! Are you paying attention to it?

Albert Einstein said, 

“The Body knows things about which the mind is ignorant.”  

Minds can be confused, swayed, we can be deceived, but our body will never lie to us!!  People often have ulterior motives.  External sources may be tainted by hidden agendas, but our bodies will always remain steadfast in their truthfulness. The one thing we can absolutely trust is the wisdom of our Body!!

Our body truly is this incredible gift!!  It is like a huge antenna bringing us information about everything we need to know, not only survive, but if we love it and listen to it, it will teach us how to transform and thrive!!  

It communicates to us all we need to know physically about our internal and external world, it tells us what is going on emotionally working through our mind and spirit, and our body is the way we receive spiritual communications through our physical and spiritual senses.  It is critical that we listen and respond lovingly to our Body.

There are 3 things I would recommend you tune into if you are to really listen to and love your body:

  • Emotional awareness- what are you feeling in your body? Sit with your emotions and use your body to process them.
  • Physical awareness- are you hungry, thirsty, cold, in pain, tight, needing to move…
  • Spiritual awareness- what are your spiritual senses bringing you through your body? What impressions are you receiving? What is your intuition telling you?

My challenge to you this thankful Thursday is to love your body by tuning into it more intentionally. The more you listen to it, the more it will tell you.  Embrace your body’s wisdom and watch as it leads you toward a life of authenticity and fulfillment.