Understanding Who You Are and Your Purpose

Good Morning Friends, 

On this Thursday, I’m thankful for the opportunity we had over the weekend to listen to so many religious leaders from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints discuss and expound upon light and truth in the 2021 October General Conference.  Although my home ranges in reverence between a dull roar and utter chaos, I was able to glean some golden nuggets from the conference (truly a mini miracle!!) I look forward to studying the talks more on my own, without distractions 😉 .  

I am grateful for a theme I noticed threaded throughout every session of this conference.  Perhaps it’s because I have been focused so intently on finishing my vivid vision statement and articulating my own divine identity and purpose, but I’m grateful for the emphasis I witnessed these spiritual leaders place on the monumental importance of knowing 2 simple truths for ourselves: who we really are; and our purpose to this world.  Again and again I heard testimony that the way to figure this out is to “Come Unto Christ”, the source of all light and truth.  

This resonates powerfully with me because of the mission statement for my business, “The Mind Body Spirit Trifecta”.  I transform women: by teaching them how to live with a mind firmly aligned, a body purposefully loved and a spirit powerfully accessed; by helping them learn how to whole-heartedly love God, love themselves and love others; and by ultimately empowering these warrior women to step in to who they really are and to step up to their missions to this world so that together we rise and create a tidal wave of light to wash over the world. The crowning jewel of what I aspire to do, is to help women land firmly in a place where they understand and are aligned daily with these two simple truths- who they really are and what their missions to this world are.  

Bonnie H. Cordon’s talk hit me the deepest.  She related that when she was called to be the General Young Women President for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, President Nelson asker her, “What is the most important thing the youth need to know?”  She answered that they need to know who they are.  “Yes” President Nelson exclaimed, “AND, they need to know their purpose!!”  Here is the link to the full talk- it’s beautiful! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9cb7wrmnQA

Knowing who we REALLY are and what our purpose is on this earth, comes from centering ourselves on Christ daily. Through Him we come to understand that our worth is set and it is infinite, and that each of our individual lives matter.  His love testifies to us that we have specific gifts, strengths and talents that perfectly qualify us to perform the unique missions we were sent here, at this exact time, to execute. It is powerful knowledge that shapes the course of our lives into a journey of continual growth and up-leveling, as we become more and more like our Savior.  As we live, intentionally owning and stepping up to these truths, we continually bless others.  The result is a fulfilling life- overflowing with purpose, meaning and joy. 

I invite you to “Come Unto Christ” and tap into these 2 truths specifically for you.  It is “the most important thing” for not only the youth to know, but for all of us to understand about ourselves if we are to magnify this human experience we’ve been blessed with.

If you had the chance to watch the 2021 October General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, what was your biggest take away?  I’d love to hear about it!!

Gratefully Yours,

Candice Noss