Unified in LOVE

May 2, 2024

Good Morning Friends!!

I am thankful this Thursday, for the power that comes when 2 or more people are unified in LOVE!!

I met a dear lifelong friend for lunch this week.  The love that radiated between us as we caught eachother up on our lives felt almost magical- niether of us wanted to leave!!  2 hours flew by in a blink because there was such deep connection, vulnerability and genuine love.

I spoke at the Arise & Shine conference last Saturday.  As I was getting ready to speak, friend after friend came into the room, expressing their love and support.  Then as a big group of my friends walked in, this huge wash of love and light poured over me like a giant hug- before we even said “Hi”.  It was so powerful and created such a high vibe in the room, absolutely perfect for amplifying the message I shared.

When I spoke the week before at the Be Healthy Utah Expo, I brought a big heart as a prop.  I did this because I am the “Liberator of Love”. I open hearts so you can more fiercely love God, yourself (including your body) and others (even the prickly ones).  I put the heart down, dead center on the stage to magnify my point, and to help those in the audience remember that the most important, vital key to getting healthy or successfully implementing any upgrade in our life is LOVE!! In the rush to switch the technology of the mic and computer over to the next presenter, I left my heart on the stage during the next 3 presenters- LOL! When I snuck up to grab it between sessions, a lady in the audience said, “Oh- I wish you could leave it up there. I thought it was supposed to be there, because Love truly is the key.” Amen sister!!

On Saturday I came across this breathtaking piece of art, depicting the tree of life.  We know that the tree of life represents “the LOVE of God”, but recently I’ve learned in a sacred way that the tree of life also represents our Heavenly Mother.  I have felt Her love and presence in such incredible ways!!  She is a powerful secret weapon of LOVE- so dedicated and involved in healing the hearts of Her daughters.  It is all about being united in love!!

I am so grateful for the power that comes as we are unified in LOVE.  I challenge you to 10x the love you feel for God, for yourself (even when you mess up!!) and for others.  Find ways to support someone from a place of love. Figure out ways to randomly express love. If you are having a difficult time getting to love, use the bridge emotion of gratitude first in order to get to love.  The truth is, we need eachother!!  We simply can’t do it alone.  We won’t be able to do it without LOVE.