Vivid Vision

Good Morning My Friends!!

I’m so thankful it is Thursday and my opportunity to connect with my favorite people!!  I hope  you know I truly love you guys. 

Today, my heart is full of gratitude for an exercise one of my closest friends challenged me to do, to write my own “Vivid Vision”.  Not only did she throw down the challenge, but she allowed me the privilege of reading her vivid vision.  Wowza- what an inspiring document!!  It was full of wisdom, light and truth.  It succinctly and boldly declared her beliefs and testimony.  Through eloquent language it delineated her special gifts, talents, capacities and abilities.  It clearly articulated her unique and sacred missions to this world.  It painted a detailed picture of her best life, and most divine self.  It was one of the most empowering and straight-forward documents I have ever had the pleasure of reading.  It has been on my mind, inspiring me ever since. 🙂

The fact is, to create and become the person we want to be, we must be able to visualize it first.  We have to know what we really, genuinely, whole-heartedly want. So, what do you want?  I love how hope is often referred to as bright, a “brightness of hope”.  Hope shines the light on what we want and it is pre-requisite to actually receiving it.  The clearer and more detailed the picture in our head is of what we hope for, the easier it is to bring it into fruition.  Just like building a house requires blueprints, things have to be created spiritually first before they can be manifest physically.  Having a vision is essential!  That is one reason I love to meditate. What is your vivid vision?

I’ve had many clients tell me that the hardest question I ask them is, “How do you want to feel the next time this circumstance comes up?”  One typical reply is, “I don’t really know how I want to feel”.  Although this is what they say, the more accurate response is they don’t truly believe that in this circumstance they could actually feel what deep down they really want to feel. They can’t envision this version of themselves yet.  

Visualization is necessary in order to develop self-belief.  As we know from the world of psychological research, “People will become what they think of themselves.”  What do you want to think of yourself? Begin visualizing it.  What do you hope you become? Create a vision of this version of yourself, who you are at your very best. Make it vivid.  As you picture yourself in this way, your vivid vision will generate the self-belief required to continually spiral upward toward your most divine self.  I am so thankful for the opportunity we each have to create our very own, unique, vivid vision.

The formula for creation is SEE + SAY + FEEL.  We must first see what we hope to create in our mind’s eye.  Then we must say, using words, both mentally and out loud.  Finally we must feel, generating the powerful emotions of faith and belief.  The exercise of creating our own vivid vision fulfills SEE + SAY.  As we read this vivid vision, over and over again, it continues to paint the picture in our mind of what we truly can become.  SEE + SAY will begin to generate the faith and self-belief necessary to truly become what we have envisioned and articulated.  I am so grateful for such a powerful tool, my vivid vision, in helping me continually build self-belief and level up.  I challenge you to create your own vivid vision!!

After taking a break from working so hard in my business this summer, I’ve been seeking inspiration and direction as to how to proceed. I’m so happy and humbled to report that after putting pen to paper and doing the work to clearly and boldly envision my highest self, living my best life, I now know my next steps.  I’m so grateful for the clarity and belief this document is giving me to confidently move forward in the direction of my dreams.  I am so thankful for my vivid vision.

I’d love to read your vivid vision.  Create it today!!  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  You can continually change and edit it.  The magic happens in just starting to write it. The benefits of having your own vivid vision that you can read, listen to and reviewing often are astounding. 


Genuinely yours,

Candice Noss