What are you doing when you are “just BEING”?

Thursday, April 4th, 2024

Good Morning Friends, 

It’s April!!  I am so thankful for spring!!  The sunshine, flowers, new life… the world we live in is truly GLORIOUS!!

I had a client recently ask me, 

“What does it means ‘to just be’?  What are you actually doing when you are ‘just being’?” 

She has lived a life with many children and responsibilities.  The duties and tasks have always been all-consuming, coming at her at a relentless pace.  However, going through my Body Love program created many “ah-ha” moments and transformations which are pointing her in the direction of a more healthy and balanced lifestyle.  With a past full of to-do lists and feeling accomplished only if a mountain of tasks got done in the day, the concept of resting or “just being” seems foreign.  In a society where “resting” is often equated with “laziness”, and doing things that fill our own soul are sometimes judged as “selfish”, taking the time “to just be” is often overlooked and undervalued.

I am thankful for understanding that “being” and “doing” are both valuable.  I am thankful for powerful lessons in my life on how “to just be”.  I am also grateful for gentle reminders to make sure I am having enough white space in my life to create the atmosphere necessary for meaningful, elevated living.

Are you intentionally creating space in your life “to just be”? Are you resting enough? Do you follow the natural rhythm and flow of being and doing that leads to optimal health and happiness?

I find it powerful to realize there is actually a commandment given to us to rest. “Sabbath” means “to cease”. God modeled rest for us rest after His work of creation.  We are commanded to rest, 1 day in 7.  Dorothy Bass said, “God has built a rhythm of rest into the very fabric of creation.”  There is a saying I love, “We aren’t human DOINGS, we are human BEINGS.”  I love realizing that Christ wasn’t always available to everyone all the time.  He took many opportunities to be alone and “just be”. Often the disciples could not find Him because He was taking some time away.  Are you taking enough time to “just be”?

Wayne Mueller said, “In the relentless business of daily life, we have lost the rhythm between work and rest.  Our culture supposes that action and accomplishment are better than rest.  That doing something, anything is better than doing nothing.  Because of our desire to succeed to meet the ever growing expectations we do not rest.  Because we do not rest we lose our way.” 

My challenge to you on this thankful Thursday is to “just be”.  What does that mean to you?

Some of my favoring “Being” activities include: meditation, praying, journaling, reading, playing piano, running, hiking, watching an uplifting show, cuddling, meaningful conversations without time constraints or agendas, sitting in nature, driving in silence, listening to music/podcasts/books I love, laying down in silence, taking a hot bath, star gazing…

What do you like to do when you are just being? 

I’ve learned the hard way how important it is “to just be”.  When I was going through my back trial and a herniated disc forced me to be still and rest, the song “The Lord is my Shephard” kept coming to me, teaching me this valuable lesson.

“The Lord is my Shepherd, and I shall not want.

He makes me lie down in green pastures.

The lord is my Shepherd, leads me to clear waters

And He restores my soul

(Psalm 23)

Ceasing from active labor “restores our soul”.  It sustains us, rejuvenates us, and is critical for mind, body, spirit alignment.