Who I’ve Always Been

I had the most EPIC and beautiful realization as I went on a walk with this darling daughter of mine. As we walked I asked CiCi, “So…. where do you see yourself in 5 years? What lights you up? What are your goals and dreams? If you could do anything and there were no $ or age or experience constraints, what would you do? What brings you the most joy?…” Finally she said, “MOM— Stop Life Coaching me!!” 😂

The reason this was so mind blowing was because this type of conversation and questioning is what I’ve always done, since I was old enough to sit in a saddle and take my first trail ride. My mom, husband, sister, aunt, kids… all joke about it and give me a hard time. I just can’t help myself- I LOVE empowering and inspiring wonderful people!!

When CiCi called me out, it hit me like a ton a bricks. I said, “CiCi, I’m not Life Coaching you— this is just who I am and it’s who I have always been.” 😂✨👊🏻😊

I feel I’ve been prepared my entire life to be in this exact position- where I am giving women their lives back, by teaching them how to live with a mind that is firmly controlled, a body that is purposefully loved and a spirit that is powerfully accessed. I LOVE it!!! And I love that my sweet daughter showed me my truth. ❤️

This was another beautiful tender mercy solidifying my conviction that all my dedication, passion, excitement, hard work and sacrifices to crush it in my business are genuinely aligned with my truest self and my most sacred missions. It’s just who I am, and who I’ve always been— now I just have the experience, tools, strategies and knowledge to be a BOSS at it!! 🔥

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