YOU are Designed for Greatness 1

Welcome to the Designed for greatness Podcast- Conversations with Candice to help you: Elevate your Mind, Body and Spirit; and own your DIVINE GREATNESS!!  Today you have episode 1- my WHY.

In this episode I explore my reasons for starting this podcast and explain my mission to this world.  I hope you will gain a sense of your own infinite worth and feel inspired as to your missions as you listen.  

My goal is to share messages to enlighten, liberate and empower you to live with a mind firmly aligned, a body purposefully loved and a spirit powerfully accessed, ultimately activating your divine greatness.  It is my hope that together we might navigate this journey, dedicated to whole-heartely loving God, ourselves, and others.  My genuine desire is to awaken, enlighten, inspire and empower you to own your greatness by stepping IN to who you really are; and stepping up to your unique missions to this world.  

I am ALL IN for spreading light, truth and love.  I am so grateful to be a ripple starter in the tidal wave of light that is washing across the world.  Thank you for joining me as we strive to be warriors- You are designed for greatness and Together We RISE!