Zero Expectations

Dear Friends,

Happy Thursday!!  

Today I am grateful for a question that was posed to me last week, “Can you live with 100% commitment and zero expectation?”  What do you believe? Is this a good principle to live by?

I realize that expecting things can at times set us up for disappointment, but to be honest, before I pondered this question, I believed expectation was actually a good thing.  I even wrote in the front of my scriptures, “Faith = a confident expectation.”  The challenge I was given to let go of all expectations didn’t sit well.  The only times in my life where I had truly let go of all expectations was in 2 painful relationships. I allowed myself to feel hurt repeatedly in both situations, and decided to let go of all my expectations for the other person.  I released my expectations of them as a protective measure, as a defense mechanism.  So, letting go of expectations about my future and my results felt a bit like giving up on God and myself.

The problem with any type of expectation is that at some point, inevitably, an expectation will not be met.   What happens with unmet expectations?  Feelings of disappointment, feeling like a failure, and sinking into believing we are not good enough are all companions to unmet expectations.  The fact is some prayers don’t get answered how we thought they would be.  This is not because we did anything wrong or because we didn’t do something we should have done.  The outcomes we so desperately desire don’t always show up.  When we are attached to things happening a certain way through expectation, and then they don’t happen that way, we suffer unnecessarily. There is also a bit of entitlement associated with expectations which isn’t good either. Understanding these inherently negative things about expectations gave me pause to reconsider it is actually might be a good thing to live with zero expectation.

Is it possible to have rock solid faith, bright hope and firm belief with zero expectation?  After pondering and deliberating about this all week, I am so grateful to respond with a resounding “YES!!!”  Not only is it possible, but I dare say it is the ideal.  Zero expectation requires us to fully trust and surrender our will to God’s.  It shifts our focus from the result to the journey and who we are becoming in the process.  Zero expectation recognizes the trump card to every expression of faith, hope and belief,  which is “I am willing to let God prevail.”  If we truly can drop all expectation by making the results neutral, we are able to intentionally operate from thoughts, feelings and actions that are in alignment with our highest self regardless of if our ideal results show up.  God always has a higher purpose.  By truly releasing every thread of expectation from our genuine, heartfelt, righteous desires, we can live with joy whether or not we get what we want.  

I define “JOY” as the process of becoming like Christ.  The journey isn’t meant to be easy, but it will be worth it.  Living 100% committed to this refinement process, with rock solid faith, bright hope, firm belief, AND zero expectation is the key to joy and well-being.  

I am grateful for the challenge to live with 100% commitment and zero expectation.  I extend the challenge to you.  Can you live with 100% commitment and zero expectation in your role as a mom, professional, wife, friend…. What does it look like to show up for our body with 100% commitment and zero expectation; to show up for our kids, clients, family and friends with 100% commitment and zero expectation; and to show up for God in our lives with 100% commitment and zero expectation.  It requires trust and surrender.  The fruits of eliminating expectations are joy and fulfillment despite circumstances or results.  I’m grateful for this new understanding and refining of my faith.  It is so powerful to live 100% committed with rock solid faith, bright hope, firm belief and zero expectation.  


Genuinely yours,

Candice Noss

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