Living Spiritually Connected:
Exploring Spiritual Senses to Expand Our Intuition and Revelation

Foundational Videos- *The WHY of Powerfully Accessing our Spirit”

                                              “The WHAT of Powerfully Accessing our Spirit”

                                              “The HOW of Powerfully Accessing our Spirit”

Weekly Videos focusing on Specific Spiritual Senses-

                                            “Spiritual Hearing” 

                                            “Spiritual Knowing”
                                            “Spiritual Feeling and Empathy”
                                            “Spiritual Seeing”

                                           “Spiritual Expressing and Movement”
                                           “Spiritual Tasting/Smelling/Touching”

Now is the time to work on our spiritual connection!!  What could be more important than increasing our ability to receive, understand and act on spiritual promptings? Especially as our world gets crazier!!  

                                      Come Grow With Me!!

What to Expect

Cost: $222

Duration: 2 months (March 4-April 27)

What to Expect:

  • 9 videos-  The 3 foundational videos will go out together between when you sign up and the the first week of the program.  The rest of the videos will be sent, one at a time, on Monday’s throughout the 2 months.  
  • 4 group coaching calls- On the 2nd & 4th Tuesday’s in March and April (3/12; 3/26; 4/9; 4/23) @ 11:00 am MST.  We will discuss, share experiences and focus on expanding our spiritual senses to increase our intuition and revelation. 
  • You will receive powerful quotes, memes, links to talks etc. throughout the 2 months.

Join Me

I am doing a Spiritual Series called, “Living Spiritually Connected: Exploring Our Spiritual Senses to Expand Our Intuition and Revelation.”  Come and grow with me as we strive to more effectively “Hear Him” and “Follow our Hearts.” That which we focus on expands. If you are ready to focus on Christ and if you are ready to focus on receiving more spiritual communication and connection, this course if for you!! This course will all done virtually. The group calls will be recorded and emailed to you.

I absolutely love connecting with women who are serious about growth and magnifying this human experience!!


                                     YOU ARE DESIGNED FOR GREATNESS!!