Dear Friends,

What are you thankful for this Thursday? 

What are some goals on the Spirit side of the human trifecta that you are working on? 

I am always praying for spiritual gifts.  I wholeheartedly desire to hear the Lord, to receive revelation and inspiration with clarity.  I strive to recognize the voice of God in my life and act on the impressions I receive.  I want to trust my intuition and magnify the decibels of the “still small voice”.

Today, I am so grateful for a quote I came across from Henry Eyring about recognizing inspiration and revelation.  He said, “Repetition should rivet our attention.”  I love how recognizing repetition is a huge clue to revelation.  I’ve been applying this to my life. I am grateful for the framework repetition has provided me, especially when I am seeking answers and direction.  

Through applying increased awareness to things that repeatedly come up, I’ve realized how effective it is to notice repetition.  When something catches my attention once, I take note or “put a pin in it”.  When it comes up a second time, I take it off the shelf and really look at it.  When it arises a third time, I no longer have any doubt about it.  I know with certainty that it is something special and divinely meant for me.  I strive to hearken to those things that repeatedly show up in order to truly “Hear Him” and act on revelation.  

I’m grateful for a loving God who will give us a second and third witness in answer to our prayers. I’m thankful to know that “repetition should rivet our attention”.  

Are there things that just keep showing up in your life?  I challenge you to recognize repetition as a way to receive inspiration from on high.


Genuinely yours,

Candice Noss


I’m throwing around ideas for the summer and am considering doing a few summer series courses.  I’m wondering what the interest level would be in doing a summer series on “Spirit Powerfully accessed- Receive and follow revelation and intuition.”  Please leave a comment to let me know if this is something you would be interested in. Thanks!!  🙂

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