Words Matter

Dear Friends,

I hope you are enjoying this Autumn season.  What is something over the past week that you are truly thankful for? It’s so fun getting our brains busy solving for this question. I love all the answers that pop up.

Today, I’m thankful for the power of words and the ability we all have to up-level our speech.  If you’ve been through my BodyLove course, you know that words have a specific frequency which they vibrate at.  Some words are more powerful than others.  These strong words can be used for building up or for tearing down.  The words we say in our head and outloud matter.

This came up this week because I am so sick of the way my teenagers talk about their days- LOL (Yes, I’m totally getting in all up in their business, ughll). Their typical responses about anything in their life are something like,  “____was rough.”  “_______ is so stupid.” “I don’t even care.” “I hate _____.” “There is nothing to tell.” “_____ sucks”…. Over and over again the words they use generate feelings of apathy, dread, frustration, depression, anxiety, anger ….  Now, I’m not pushing an “everything is awesome 100% of the time” mentality. Nope, life will continue to be 50/50.  However, the words we use can create a powerful shift in our focus, our emotions, our actions and ultimately the results of our life.  I offered my teenagers this sage advice 😉 , but they are on their own journey.  It took me over 40 years to figure this out, I know they will get there eventually.  I will do my best to stay in my own lane and out of trying to control their thoughts, feelings and actions.

Words are the building blocks of sentences.  Thoughts are just sentences in our heads.  I’ve been grateful for the reminder to watch my words.  

What are the words that are the most powerful for you? For me it’s the words “I am”, “I can”, “I love”, “I understand”, “tell me more”, “yes”…

What are the words that are the most destructive for you? For me its the words “should”, “supposed to”, “just wish”, “I hate”, “I can’t”, “dumb”, “stupid”, “don’t care”, “worthless”, “no” …

I challenge you to claim your brilliance and power by up-leveling your speech, paying particular attention to the words you use.  I am so thankful for words!!


With love,

Candice Noss