Your Worth is Set

Your WORTH is SET- it is ✨INFINITE✨

In this world of comparative judgment and so so so many perfect supermodel bodies … everywhere… it can be so easy to fall for the trap of feeling worthless in comparison.

When our society values big boobs and a tiny waist it’s hard to find our own value when we don’t fit that mold. Body size can easily become a quick measure of self. If these are some of the lies and crap you’ve been believing— STOP IT!!!

You are amazing because God made you!!!

You have seeds of divinity within you- gifts, talents, strength and genuine beauty that no scale on earth can measure. If losing weight is something you want to work on, great, but NOT because it will make you any better of a human. Your worth is SET and it’s INFINITE!!

I’m so GRATEFUL I understand this universal truth. It has liberated me from a constant barrage of self-deprecating attacks. It has freed me from feeling like I was never enough and a hopeless mess because my body wasn’t the right shape and size. I am incredible, and so are you, because God made us this way- on purpose!!!

No body size, level of success, amount of money, popularity, relationship, social status or award will change your worth. You are amazing— period!

Now if you want to work on GROWTH and would love to drop a few pounds while learning how to genuinely LOVE your freaking amazing body- work with me!!